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Coming 2025

Starring: Elizabeth Banks, John C. Reilly, Sofia Boutella, Katherine Newton, and Juliette Lewis. 


The story is set in the not so distant future when poor air quality has meant people mostly live their lives virtually from home and Artificial Intelligence has become more prevalent. Carol (Banks) is a dissatisfied career mother, who despite being very much in love with her husband Gary (Reilly), is struggling to find real connection within her marriage and kids, where the day to day familiarity of their home is claustrophobic. Worried she could be heading towards divorce, Carol leaps at the chance to get her life back on track by signing up for DreamQuil’s avant-garde A.I.-led mental wellness retreat. Gary, left to take care of their two sons, is thankfully delivered “Carol-Too”, an identical mechanical clone of his wife. However things take a sinister turn for Carol upon her homecoming. Refreshed and ready to dive back into family life, her robotic and more perfect substitute doesn’t leave and Carol-Too will stop at nothing until the real Carol is eliminated.

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